History is all about story and its preservation. For Alabaster Collective, historic homes have always captured our imagination. Our very first purchase was a home that was over 150 years old and required a lot renovation. From that small place our journey into rejuvenating structures began. Fast forward 28 years and HELLO 1220!”

A Lengthy Renovation...

Renovation is a long, time-consuming, often tearful game. Within the first few minutes of entering this beauty, we knew this project might redefine that term. With no HVAC system, layers and layers of original wallpaper, plaster, paint, vinyl and varnish, very outdated utilities, odd additions and no kitchen to speak of, we fell in love. Yes, LOVE…and all before we discovered the essence of the home, the story behind this magnificent home.

History of the Home...

Printers by trade, they decided to build and run a printing press - Lynx Printing - directly behind the home now known as 1220. You’ll see this special building when you visit with us and hopefully we will soon be rejuvenating it as well. Subsequently, the family maintained ownership of the home up until the 1990’s. Hard to believe we are only the second non-family member to own this precious piece of real estate. And as if this story weren’t beautiful enough, my husband inadvertently discovered that a colleague of his is the great-grand daughter of Mr Lynx! Exceptionally small world, huh? 
Upon this discovery, the remaining family members, still living in Nashville, met with us at 1220 before we began renovation. What an honor and privilege to walk through their family home with them, listening to story upon story and looking at original photos of their precious home. Today, we are beautifully burdened with a sense of stewarding well 1220. We intend to create new, ongoing opportunities for those who seek an experience that differs from other spaces.

Personal. Intimate. Unique. Modern. Historic.

Our invitation to you? Come as you are, leave better.

Welcome home. 

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